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World OVERpopulation Day

World Population Day is observed on July 11 each year. Knowing today how seriously we have outgrown the planet, we should rename it World OVERpopulation Day. At today’s rates of consumption and economic activity, human population is more than three times a sustainable level. We must rein in our overconsumption. But it’s also time we start telling the full truth about overpopulation.


The Truth About Overpopulation


our situation

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  • Current World Population: 7.8 billion
  • Sustainable World Population: 2 billion
  • World Population is Growing
    • +84 million/year
    • +240,000/day
    • +9,000/hour
  • Global Average Fertility Rate: 2.45
  • Species Extinction: Species are being lost at 100 times the background rate
  • Climate: Highest CO2 Level in 3 million years
  • Forest Loss: Over 30 million acres annually
  • Soil Depletion: 10 to 40 times faster than it regenerates
  • Fresh Water: depleting aquifers over 3 times their recharge rate
  •  Oceans:
    • Overfishing
    • Acidifying
    • Plastic pollution
    • Dead zones from agricultural runoff


Silhouette of 2 parents and 1 child


  • Reestablish public dialogue
    • Vanquish overpopulation denial
    • End the “population taboo”
  • Alert everyone
  • Educate all about ethical, compassionate solutions
  • Speed progress on declining birth rates everywhere
  • Improve family planning access
  • Improve gender equity, education, and opportunities for women to lead meaningful lives without the requirement of motherhood


  • Frank, open conversations about human overpopulation’s role in overshoot will give the public, journalists, pundits and policymakers the opportunity to discover the full truth.
    • There are already too many of us.
    • The overpopulation crisis is happening now, in the rich as well as the developing world.
    • Overpopulation is not exclusive to any particular nations, classes or ethnicities.
    • Everyone around the world must be alerted and needs to act.
    • There is no need to dictate anyone’s family size.
    • We can resolve the crisis by freely choosing smaller families.
    • A one-child per family average can halve today’s population in less than 100 years.


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